Protective Styling hairclips

A work in progress project, designing and prototyping, protective styling hairclips. To this WIP page more prototypes, finished products and presentations will be added as they come in.

Protective styling is a hair styling method where the hair is braided or simply knotted in on itself. Always protecting the tips of the hair.

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The different prototypes were designed in fusion 360. And then 3d printed for testing. The previous and next 3d prints were made with a Formlabs SLA printer. Printing a flexible resin, which is washed and cured under UV light.

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The prototypes come out of the SLA printer, upside down, scaffolded and angled for the laser to have the optimal effect. The scaffolding is removed after washing and curing. Afterwhich the prototype is finished further by removing the scaffolding marks left on the surface.

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Other prototypes were printed using an FDM Ultimaker printer. Filament is heated in a head and deposited layer by layer to build the finsihed article. In some cases support structures are also used here, to prevent printing in mid air.



In a work in progress project, I designed an A0 sized popup dollhouse folio, fully working & animatronic for “de Bespaarbieb”.

De Bespaarbieb is a nonprofit organisation in Utrecht, providing information and products for sustainabal housing. Insolation solutions, solar panels, heatpumps, sunboilers and watersaving showerheads, LED lighting or saving appliances. The concept 3d design is the promotional dollhouse, fitted in a folio sized case, for easy travel. It is designed to be a fully working and animatronic dollhouse sized house.A landingpage will be made alongside to provide further explanation and the possibility to go over the information again in the comfort of your own home.With a rasberry pi to control everything, the final popup house will have working lighting and solar panels and a moving sun. Dollhouse furniture and energy or water saving appliances will be 3d printed and added to the house.

Pim Dekkers Design Distrikt tradeshowstand

For Design Distrikt tradeshow in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. Pim Dekkers and OOMP worked closely together to design and build the stand.

Combining various techniques such as laser cutting, vinyl cutting we designed a stand for a cradle to cradle dresser cabinet. And the tulip chair by Christoph Karl from South africa.

OOMP provided art direction, design skills. And of course manufactured the signage.