Olivier Oskamp Ba

Interaction, Motion & Design




From 2000 onward I am a design and development professional. After completing my education as interaction designer I have developed myself through a keen focus on and passion for interaction, motion, innovation and concept. Methodical and analytical and precision form the core aspects to my work. Self improvement, knowledge and following my interest are concepts which inspire and motivate me. I am am socially adept and independent, have a good eye for detail and plenty of pragmatism. I quickly find my way around a team and am eager to learn. Excellent communication, spoken as well as written, in Dutch, English, Swedish & German. Open to new insight and hungry for inspiration, diligent & tenacious.

2003 – present: Freelance designer OOMP

For example, logo & brand identity design for Vakschool Bouw & Onderhoud Amsterdam a mixed employment and learning school for construction and maintenance. A CV design template for “Werk Aan De Winkel”. I Illustrated and designed a large poster of the periodic table of growthhacking for Growthribe. And a huge banner for ROCvA, colleges in Amsterdam. For Makerversity Amsterdam I hosted & coordinated the Show & Tell event. Which I previously also did for Startupkeg & Pitchrs. Startup event nights with presentations, networking and drinks. For Uprise Festival, I designed and built an Amphitheatre with pallets and made all of the startup stand posters.


At Makerversity co-working space and workshop, I have been taking my first steps in product design. Designing and building an online parametric platform to make a range of bespoke physical products. Such as figureheads for boats, tables and window insulation. I am designing and prototyping cleaning robot. For which I initiated a collaboration with Wageningen University, for biomimetic nanomaterials. With Pim Dekkers contemporary designs I collaborated on a variety of projects such as CAD models for a series of cradle to cradle material furniture, unveiled at Dutch Design Week. 3D Animations & visualisations for height adjustable tables. And table designs reflecting the angles of diamonds. Also I designed the templates for the catalogue. And helped build the stand at Design Distrikt using various techniques such as laser & vinyl cutting. For Milkshake festival I collaborated with Creeërende heren to laser cut signage. With NANO-LIT, a startup making Quantum dot light fixtures, I worked as a Web designer and Front-end developer. First we provided a live feed of the international space station. For Mozfest in London we tested a live feed embellished by live data visualisation.


As user experience designer for EyeOpen I produced landing pages and the website header a mortgage advice startup. As the team’s User experience, Interaction & visual designer at Jetwise, private jet company, I Structured, designed & experimented the disruptive marketing for their lean startup products. The multinational’s startup Randstad Direct asked me to structure the available datasets to match candidates to employers and how best to present this to the user. Making wireframes and flowcharts to prototype these findings and subsequently creating visual designs. For Emiel Mantel Event Management I designed a geometric wire look logo & brand identity and consulted on the UX of the website. For fetish party Wasteland I designed a media rich animated website, dynamically data driven. Which was in follow up to Akhnaton, event space & club, for whom I did a website redesign. It conveyed the rich history of the unground club in Amsterdam through a timeline littered with diamond shapes. For medical material innovator Leader Biomedical I designed the brochure for eCoo brand materials, types of bone grafts. For Handwerk Ensemble I collaborated with Semtex Illustrations to animate and build the WordPress theme for the German music ensemble.


For Hospital Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, I teamed up with ad agency Steam & Super3 Small Films to create the motion design, animations, edit & composites in after effects for their recruitment campaign the form of a video banner set. Consulting on User Experience & design I researched, refined and improved the website for the diving school booker.


For Swedish spring manufacturer Gotsprings Sweden AB I designed and built a flash website heavy with animation, a CMS and the problematic SEO in flash. So clients could configure a type spring and request a quote.  For Adidas working in house at Glassworks Amsterdam I 3D animated a series of matched camera moves around an Adidas football studded with video screens. I previously teamed up with Glassworks Amsterdam & Fuel Productions to create a presentation about the future of Schiphol Airport. We created a flyover of a Dutch master style 17th century painting of ships and historic charts. I was responsible for displacement maps, volumetric lighting & dust effects. For puzzle studio Studio Steenhuis I designed, animated and rendered a 3d visual of a synapse to be used as their website menu. Consulting for Pomme d’Or I designed the logo, made it 3d, designed the website and subsequently developed it, using a simple CMS. For bijoux company Simplynova I consulted for their sales web tool as an Interaction designer. And provided visual designs using CG imagery.


2003 – present: Freelance designer Mach1 & OOMP

Partnering with the agent Mach1 to represent me, I worked on a variety of projects for multinationals and agencies. Providing motion graphics and animation services for explaining customer personas for Staples, timed to a voice-over. Philips, Ogilvy & Mather I designed and animated a video for a presentation of Philips Lighting of a spinning globe where the camera flies in on specific geographic locations where Philips Lighting is used. For Emirates at Geometry Global I produced a staggering amount of banners for the Dutch and Belgian market. I made screen designs based on the information and offers to be conveyed. I then animated these designs in flash localised for the Dutch and French language. Again at Ogilvy & Mather for Center Parcs I worked on the “Let’s go wow” campaign. I composited and animated a series of videos, for use in a website. On this website the user selects holiday videos to assemble a video of their own holiday at Center Parcs, before even going.


For advertising agency N=5 I designed and conceptualised a series of banners on brand to be pitched to ABN AMRO. The concepts were based on different generations. A time lapse video of a girl, a mosaic of dads, moms, daughters, sons, grandmothers and babies, a photo of a family, focus shifting to the user scroll, a split screen photo of a mother and daughter, where the split is linked to the mouse. For Mini SUV at Kingsday I designed a mini website with retro-gaming style. For Tom Tom, in a team I designed a series of layouts for the online annual report which I then conceptualised and translated into front-end HTML/CSS script. Together with Frans Jansen Fotografie I designed and produced a brochure for DSW Zorgverzekeraar in InDesign presenting his new concept for an advertising campaign. At Red Urban I designed and animated six promotional banners, flash animations for Renault’s “14% Bijtelling” campaign. For Philips, inhouse at &KoenseSeverein I designed and animated series of voiceover timed animations portraying the Philips Aluminium range of kitchen appliances, to showcase their beauty and use.


In a two-man freelance team at Lukkien I focused on visual design, animation, interaction design, functionality and illustration for the Mitsubishi’s New Lancer website. We made a scaling interactive mosaic and a 360° car configurator. At Porter & Novelli I consulted as an Interaction designer & PHP developer for the BugaBoo website. I structured and redesigned the flowcharts and functional designs. This interaction design was translated into screen designs and further developed in PHP Drupal. Acting as a visual & user experience designer for Volvo at Euro RSCG 4D, I designed the The Volvo V70 and S80 Models homepage ad spaces, functionality and justified typography by hand. For Stern and AI-pixel I developed weather banner for hotel screens which automatically localized.


2003 – present: Freelance designer iProfs & OOMP

As a UX consultant & designer at Wolters Kluwer, I was responsible for the responsive redesign of I incorporated the produced visual designs and wireframes in their Liferay environment. I Joined forces with iProfs developers to redesign the open source community portal for Deltares and make it a more more dynamic and vibrant environment. I worked on concept, design, UX & Liferay.


1996 – 2006 : 2013 – 2014 Contract

iPROFS B.V. Designer, UX, interaction & front-end developer

At iPROFS I was responsible for interaction design, visual design and front-end development for cookieRight, a proprietary cookie management application. For a visualisation of the iPROFS mission statement I created various concepts, visual designs and the imagery for presentation. I also created a concept, visual & interaction design for a new iProfs website. I researched furthering and formalising the internal design processes, culture & scrum for iPROFS.

De Laurier Catering working part time for De Laurier at various catering events, I figured out if a home cook could also be a professional chef.  From crew catering at lowlands for two weeks to weddings and parties to Marco Borsato in de Kuip.

Simplynova Consultant & systems administration Sales web application support for an accessory & bijoux import/export company.

Getronics Designer & assistant webmaster. As designer and assistant webmaster I designed and implemented pages and websites on the intranet of Getronics.


2009 – 2011: Freelance designer Ministry of Media & OOMP

As a member of Ministry of media, OOMP collaborated on various projects for instance; visual design, interaction design and Actionscript 3 developer for Global reporting initiative. Creating a a video player and slideshow viewer. In the roles of UX Consultant, designer, software architect & developer for Bayer Healthcare, I designed and built the Pilselector, a tool to advise on contraceptives. I also designed, animated and developed the second phase for 24plus4, a media rich website for a contraceptive pill. For PMSinfo I made a series of timed animated banners. I designed and built YOURS online video & interactive magazine. I also edited and graded the video for the magazine. Working with MTV, Nickelodeon as a designer, motion designer & developer, I made the Smurfs 3D film banner animations. And later all the Rio 3D film banners. GGD/GGZ jeugdzorg selected me to design, animate & develop their Flash banners. For Lucifer Amsterdam, an advertising agency I created a new website design. Collaborating with Saab for a number of projects as Flash designer, motion designer, animator & developer I created the interactive summer promotion and winter promotions. After an animation visitors filled out the code on the license plate and then cleaned off the windshield to reveal their prize.


Falk & Ross, SG Clothing, Oy Communications asked me to make screen designs and provide the front-end development for their email newsletters. For & Noise I provided front-end services & translated screen designs to HTML/CSS & form validation in JavaScript. I also provided these services for Granditalia again working with Noise. Where in this case I also provided user experience & visual design for a promotional page. And incorporated a jQuery social media feed. In a long term project with Oudstanding, Veldsvorm, Synetic I was asked to provide Interaction design & consult for an extensive HR web tool. Which means all the flowcharts, functional design and wireframes. The pivotal link between the client, visual design and technical partner.


2004 – 2008: Freelance designer Edu Kisman, Roel Noback & OOMP

Visualiser Edu kisman, developer Roel Noback and I started working together on an online point and click game for Fort van Sjako. A book promotion about Sjako, a 17th century robin hood like robber from Amsterdam. Together with Studio Steenhuis & Gorilla Productions we made a huge adventure, with illustrations, animations, questions and puzzles. I was chiefly responsible for the animation, 3d, functionality, game design & concept. Many more projects together would follow such as Plus Cards a 3d animated video for the promotion of a new advertising medium. A not dissimilar point and click adventure website for Studio Steenhuis, with animated illustration and puzzles. I worked as a Interaction & visual designer, consultant, animator, developer & illustrator. For the skate brand Builttodestroy, we created a website with video & interactions & animations. I worked as visual & interaction designer, motion designer & (3D) animator.  Working with Roel Noback for Carbon Media, I provided Visual designs & illustrations for Ferry Corsten Masquerade. As a consultant, designer, developer & 3D modeler at retailer Arrival / Departure I was responsible for Concept, design, interaction design, functionality and website production of, A real-time 3d rendered store front with fragmented camera moves on mannequins. Easily kept up to date by the client using a PHP/XML backend. For ice hockey club Amstel Tigers we made their video website. I was responsible for visual & interaction design, concept, and 3D animated logo


2005 – 2006: Freelance designer Artbox & OOMP

Joining forces with Artbox, a leading design representative I worked for GSTAR, Illustrating a brochure with their entire jeans collection in vector drawings. For MSN I teamed up with Red Urban to create their MSN-activity game “Waar heb jij het gedaan”. I provided Interaction & visual design and 3D modeled & animated the playing board. At OER I animated and built a interactive flash animation explaining the energy label for housing for Ministrie VROM, the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

2000 – 2003: Internships

Internship Heernikk Interaction designer, developer & 3D Animator 3D scene & character work and refinement for various running productions.

Internship Lawson, Ross & Whatshisname Interaction designer, 3D animator, modeler and website designer at the award winning animation studio. Runner up Intergraph Wildcat 3D animation competition.


Amsterdam University UVA       Completed 2006

Short Bachelor program cultural studies for side influx into the Master program. I focused on video game theory. I also worked on extending and diversifying my knowledge of film theory, philosophy, scientific research, analysis and documentation.

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Faculty Art Media & Technology              Diploma 2003

Bachelors of Art & Technology with Honours, Interaction Design. I specialised in conceptualisation and design of graphic and interaction rich applications. Such as videogames and multimedia and skills such as 3D modeling, and animation for games, films and broadcast. The program also offered art history, installation art, conceptualisation, human sciences, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social psychology, new media design, drawing, ergonomics and various seminars.

Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Buitenveldert          Diploma 1996

HAVO English, German, Art, Math, Economics & Dutch.

Methods & Skillset

Research Design Interaction design, motion design, user experience design, responsive design, user stories, user reviews, AB testing, functional design, screen design, conceptualisation, visual design, 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D modeling, rendering & illustration. Agile scrum, lean startup.

Software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Indesign, Lightroom, Adobe Animate, Experience Design Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Axure, Microsoft Visio, Invision, Sketch, Softimage, Maya, Blender, Fusion 360, Mental Ray renderer, Arnold renderer, Unity 3D, Sublime, Office & Openoffice.


HTML/CSS, XML, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, ThreeJs, SnapSVG, Actionscript 3, Away3D, swfAddress, AlivePDF, MIME, mySQL, PHP, JSP, JSLT, webGL, python. Git, SVN, Liferay, WordPress.

OS MacOS, Windows & Linux.