Pim Dekkers, Cradle to cradle furniture CAD

Designs for a series of cradle to cradle furniture for Pim Dekkers Contemporary Designs. A clear exercise in furniture made from a bent cradle to cradle sheet material. Initially a pressure moulding process was used to bend the sheets in a 90 degree angle with a curved fillet.

Subsequently the moulded sheets were milled on a five axis CNC. These manufacturing techniques drove the designs.

Allowing the sheets to be assembled through jointing and grooves. OOMP designed and provided the CAD models, made in Autodesk Fusion 360.

The final product was displayed at the 2017 Dutch Design week, by Pim Dekkers himself.


In conjunction with Schiphol Airport, Fuel productions and Glassworks Amsterdam, OOMP produced a 3d animated presentation video. Consisting of a historical overview of the Schiphol area, visualised using dutch master style painting, geographical maps and black and white B-roll. OOMP was responisble for animation, displacement mapping, lighting and visual effects.

Fly over Ibiza

3D animated fly over of Ibiza. For the Ibiza tourist board. Made in conjuction with Heernikk. I animated, shaded and rendered. For the terrain I used a hand painted displacement map. For the ocean and sky I used dedicated shaders to produce a realistic effect. Made in Softimage and rendered in Mental Ray.

Wie Mag Wat?

For the title sequence of the childrens movie “Wie Mag Wat” (Who can do what), I animated lettering in various languages and made a particle effect to simulate clouds forming and disappearing. Made in Softimage 3D & Particle.