A cookie management product by iprofs. Enabling websites how to ask for cookie permissions.

And create a flow to how cookies are set, providing legal information. What to track when and how to track it.

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First interaction designs were made in the form of flow charts, customer journeys and wireframes.

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These were then translated into visual designs, much like the one at the start of the page


For OUDstanding, a recruitment agency focussing on a 40 and 50 plus clientele, we provided all of the interaction design for the full environment. Clients could inform, learn and communicate with their representative and vice versa.

We created and presented an extensive set of wireframes and flowcharts. Which were subsequently refined into visual design. We used the wireframes to instruct the technical partner on how to precisely build the application.

The platform needed to support end-users, i.e. people looking for work. And the represetatives or coaches guiding people to work. And lastly the clients, providing the actual work.

Saab winter promotion

Saab’s aftersales promotional miniwebsite. Customers received a postcard in the mail with a unique code. The code would be entered on this animated website banner. Then, like a scratch lottery ticket, the customer would scrape the ice fromĀ the windshield to see what they won. View project “Saab winter promotion”