Tomorrow’s Kitchen disposable cutting boards

For an online video about disposable chopping boards, I illustrated a storyboard. Reflecting a light vector style. It shows the use of the cuttingboards and their sustainability.

The chopping boards, made from drinkcarton, would be more hygenic.

Spicy foods will no longer contaminate other foods.

Nor will foods with strong odours or flavours be a problem. As you can simply discard the cuttingboard after use. Or flip it around.


The boards also make it very easy to add your ingredients to the pan because they are easy to fold.

Made from drink carton with a biodegradable coating, they are fully recyclable. The paper used is from FSC approved sources.


In conjunction with Schiphol Airport, Fuel productions and Glassworks Amsterdam, OOMP produced a 3d animated presentation video. Consisting of a historical overview of the Schiphol area, visualised using dutch master style painting, geographical maps and black and white B-roll. OOMP was responisble for animation, displacement mapping, lighting and visual effects.

Saab winter promotion

Saab’s aftersales promotional miniwebsite. Customers received a postcard in the mail with a unique code. The code would be entered on this animated website banner. Then, like a scratch lottery ticket, the customer would scrape the ice from┬áthe windshield to see what they won. View project “Saab winter promotion”